In 1995, for her choreographic and research work, Iliana began collaborating with Lyuben Dosev, a highly respected kaval player and composer.Until 2004, Iliana and Lyuben have taught dances and music together on many tours abroad.Their research has resulted in series of dance and music materials entitled “To the Bulgarian Folklore with Love”. It includes 11 music albums: IBLD 1 and 2 are audiotapes, IBLD 3 and 4 are kaval teaching audiotapes and IBLD 5,6,7,8,9,10 and 11 are CD’s.The recordings feature Lyuben’s musical arrangements and his kaval playing and Iliana’s singing. For each of the albums, Iliana and Lyuben created a book with music notation, dance descriptions and songs (with English translations).

These music and dance materials were researched at folk festivals in Koprivshtitsa National Folk Festival, Pirin pee, Rozhen pee, Dorkovo, Tsigov chark, Petrova niva folk festivals and many villages in Bulgaria.

Since 2004, when Iliana has started working as an Artistic director and Choreographer in Ensemble “Voivodints”, she has continued to record the music for her teaching work with her colleague Todor Yankov.

Since then, they have recorded the CD’s : IHB 12 – FIRE; IBTY 13 – MAGIC; IBTY 14 – DESTINY; IBTY 15 – SHARENIA; IBTY 16 – CHEERS!


.:: April 2022
Iliana Bozhanova and Todor Yankov will teach in Holland

.:: May, June 2022


The Rose Tour in Bulgaria
With Iliana Bozhanova & Todor Yankov

May 22 – June 06, 2022

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